Spin The Bottle Numeric

Have fun spinning the bottle
Who has not ever played the game of the bottle or as many of you call Truth or Dare game? You know it is one of the games to entertain your friends, have fun at parties, at your slumber party,and why not, an excuse to give your first kiss to the person you love so much ....:)
We present the electronic application of the above: Spin The Bottle Numeric
You can play in two modes. The first is the classic with the bottle and the second version of Numeric.
In the latter mode, each player is identified by a number, and in this way, as many of you have already experienced, beyond a certain physical difficulty of the number of players who must be around the bottle.
You can change modes entering Setting - Style Game: Bottle, Numeric
Within the application are the Pledge-Truth/Dare of default that you can turn on and off at will grouped into categories Classic, Oh nooo! and Pets.
You can also create list of your favorite Truth-Dare.
Also choose the background you prefer between Blue, Orange, Green, Violet or the original background OldStyle.
What are you waiting? Spin the Bottle, Pick the Pledge and Have Fun.


Below a list of the pledge you can use to play with your friend at SpinTheBottle or Truth or Dare Game

ask something about love to the next
tickle the next  for 30 seconds
for the next:  will you carry me for 20 seconds?
choose you a pledge for the next
spin again: it's not your turn
a kiss on the cheeck from the next
ask what  you want to the next
choose someone who will kiss the next: you can not be
dance a Tango with the next


imitates a chicken for 30 seconds
imitates an horse for 30 seconds
imitates a dog for 30 seconds
imitates a cat for 30 seconds

Oh no!!:
do you like the belly dance? dance it for 1 minute
would you like  a little slap by the next?
the next will choose a pledge for you!
sing a bit of  song that the next will choose for you


Send us yours preferite pledges and we will add to the application

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